What can she give us today?

The great Goddess – what can she give us today?

Imagine having a very personal relationship with the earth. Like she was your mother feeding you, giving you air, water, and a beautiful home to live in. You call her Mother Earth or the great Goddess for her power is so much bigger than yours. You give thanks for and honour her cycles of life and understand that you are deeply dependent on what she gives to survive! With this tight bond to nature how would you act in the world do you think? Would you hurt your own mother deliberately?

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I believe that by creating this personal bond to the Goddess, we can more easily live a sustainable life! It can help us see the bigger picture and our own role in it.

The Goddess can really make us think about all the small things we do and how they effect the greater cycle of life. Maybe with a close bond to her you would live your life more in tune with the seasons of nature and eat what is available from nature around you at the time. Maybe you even enjoy that union between yourself and the earth more than eating exotic food from across the world? Maybe you sleep and rest more in winter like nature does and enjoy a very full summer of activity? Maybe you start buying second hand clothes and stop eating meat when you see the positive effects this has on the earth? Perhaps you realize that we are all children of the Goddess, sharing this planet, and starts caring more for others to create harmony. You may also organize your life more collectively, stop driving a car and help save the rainforests and oceans of the world.

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The Goddess can help us realize a lot. She can help us enjoy our wonderful bodies again and encourage us to be in touch with our emotions and passions. Maybe we start dancing and singing freely from our hearts, making love with greater pleasure or taking care of our body more by feeding it healthy nutritious foods! We are in all cases guaranteed to be happier when we love our bodies and have fun in them, no matter what we look like, or what age we are in!

Reading about the Goddess history and the old peaceful cultures can really strengthen our self-confidence as humans, especially in women. It can help women take back thousands of years of lost women’s power and make us realize that we are holy and powerful as feminine beings and we should be able to be as free and crazy as we want. We do not need to please men or reduce our power to get what we want in life.

The Goddess can help us honour all stages of life again. We live in a culture that strives for eternal youth, where the old are forgotten, and most people want everything new and fresh all the time. But the Goddess can help us see the beauty of the elders, the wise, the worn and experienced, and even in death. She makes us see that all stages in life have their rewards and all of them are equally important.

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It seems that the structure of the world today values ​​competition, power and economic growth over everything else. To read about the old Goddess cultures can be very refreshing because it shows that other values ​​like sustainability, caring, and harmony between all living beings can actually be the base for a social structure. It can be of great comfort and great hope to just take note of the fact that a peaceful way of life has prevailed historically over a very long period of time.

I also believe that the Goddess can help us relax in this stressful society. Because she makes us realize that everything is just life that comes and goes and comes again, death as holy as birth. We are a small part of a huge universe and we can let go of our high ideals and just lie down in the grass for a moment and breath LIFE. And that is as simple as it is magical!