Inspiring books!

Inspiring books!

Here are some books I highly recommend to those who want to learn more about the Goddess. Some are historically oriented and others focus more on spirituality and personal development. I have written a short comment to each book to give you an idea of what I found interesting about it. Please Enjoy! Note that there are more titles on the Swedish reading list because it includes some books written only in Swedish!

Return to Creation, Manitonquat
I love this book because it takes us back to what it means to be human on earth! With the Native American Indian wisdom of the circle of life Manitonquat guides us through or basic needs as humans. He really helps us get a feeling for a more natural way of living and makes us realize how much we really need each other, nature and a clear mission in life and in society to feel good!

When the drummers where women – a spiritual history of rhythm, Layne Redmond
Rhythms, heartbeats, cycles of nature and women are connected on a very deep level and the drum has been a woman’s instrument in so many ancient cultures. Let yourself be seduced by all the beautiful pictures of drumming women in this book and understand more deeply how rhythms affect you. Also Layne gives you a great class in the history of the drumming Goddess!

The Great Cosmic Mother – Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth, Monica Sjöö and Barbara Mor
A provocative book that really wants to reveal how we all come from the Great Mother Goddess. The authors really try to get us to understand the old Goddess cultures and their view of the world. Full of interesting facts and theories!

The Chalice and the blade – our history, our future, Riane Eisler
A powerful book filled with historical facts! Archaeology, art, religion and sociology are woven together to help us understand that cultures with very different values than what we have today once existed. That there have been societies where men and women successfully worked together on equal terms. The Chalice, a symbol of giving, cooperation and partnership, is compared with the sword, a symbol of violence and the hierarchical structures that we know too well. Finally and most valuable, Eisler gives us an alternative way of understanding and living in the society we have created.

The Language of the Goddess, Marija Gimbutas
The Civilization of the Goddess, Marija Gimbutas
Exciting books with plenty of pictures of the sacred feminine. Many inspiring theories and facts about the old Goddess-centred cultures in Europe. Marija’s work as an archaeologist and researcher to bring forth the knowledge of the Goddess cultures is impressive. Yum!

Women who Run With Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes
In this book you are introduced to the mysteries of women through myth and fairy tales. Full of great and powerful symbolic stories that helps us understand what it really means to be a woman.

Come Closer – Spiritual Awakening for the feminine heart, Chameli Gad Ardagh
A wonderful book on how we can practice a more feminine spirituality in which the body, our emotions and our hearts have a significant role. Each chapter is filled with wonderful exercises to embody what we read!

Grandmothers Counsel the World, Carol Schaefer
A very powerful book in which 13 Grandmothers from various indigenous cultures give their views of what we need to do in this time on earth to save our planet. With wonderful portraits and life stories of these powerful women who now travels around the world with their wisdom. They meet regularly to pray and hold healing ceremonies for Mother Earth! I love them, and I love this book!

Priestess of Avalon – priestess of the Goddess, Kathy Jones
Very comprehensive book filled with knowledge of the Goddess of Avalon, Lady of the Lake, and the ancient Goddesses of Britain. Packed with great exercises and tips for those wishing to create their own ceremonies around the wheel of the year and get deeper in touch with the Goddess. Gives a great framework for anyone wishing to work with Her magic!

Mutant Message Down Under, Morgan Marlo
The true story of an American woman who gets a chance to spend 4 month walking in the deserts of Australia with an indigenous aboriginal tribe. The wisdom and philosophy of the nomad tribe is 50.000 years old and what she experiences and learns from their way of living and viewing the world is amazing.