Here are some links to beautiful websites  and businesses that my friends run. Enjoy!

Mundekulla retreatcenter – A wonderful retreat center in Sweden where I used to work. Be inspired by their wide range of  courses, festivals and retreats. For example they run a Women’s festival and Goddess retreats! Yum!

Helena Blomljus – A beloved friend and artist who creates sparkling magic wherever she goes. She is one of the warmest and kindest women I have ever met.

Gudinnerummet -  My dear Goddess sister Anne has created this blog to support women in being the shining Goddesses we truly are. She has a lot of wisdom and great ideas on how we can be all that we long to be!

Annikas design – Annika creates beautiful craft with a Goddess theme. She has made me my lovely drum bag with a handpainted picture.

Glastonbury Goddesstemple  – An amazing temple to honour of the Goddess. In Glastonbury and Avalon the Goddess radition is truly alive again. Go there and be embraced by Her. Take part in ceremonies around the year or just sit in the temple that is open every day. I can warmly recommend the Priestess Training they run too!