My music is usually created when I am out walking in beautiful landscapes. The songs are about the Goddess, Mother Earth and all the wonders of nature and life. They are often simple and short, preferably sung over and over again as a kind of mantras or power songs. The drum connects me deeper into the earth and opens up for more voice and heart when I sing and that is why I use it as much as I can. I hope the songs can help and inspire you to live a little closer to the Goddess and help you feel the wildness and power of your heart.

So, come! Let me bring you closer to her magic……………

cd cover

Here on the site you can listen to 3 songs from my album “Nära naturen” (Close to Nature). It is inspired by Swedish folk music and all the songs are in Swedish. You can order the CD for 120kr (€12/£10) including postage and shipping. To do this, contact me via the contact link on this site and I will give you my account number to send the money to!

Please contact me also if you would like me to come and sing and play at an event or in a ceremony!

drumming in the fields