About me

About me and my passions!

My name is Camilla Moon and I am an artist inspired by the Goddess! I want to inspire people to live more from their heart’s desire and passion rather than their minds. Let life’s direction sprout there in the longings of the heart and then with passion manifest that longing into the world! My paintings and music speak of union with Mother Earth, the Goddess, Nature. Also about the union between people and the union within each person and his or her soul/heart. I think a deep connection and closeness in all these areas can help humanity and the Earth to feel much better!

camilla painting

I have several names that I use in different contexts. Camilla Grill is my official name just to have the same name as my husband and my son. Camilla Moon feels like my soul name and Colourful Camilla strengthens my way to work in the world. I feel a strong connection with the moon and the rainbow. I love the way rainbows transform the grey clouds and rain into beautiful bright colours. Rainbows only occur when clouds, rain and sunshine are in the sky at the same time. In the same way, I would like my creations to transform the fear-filled and harsh world around me and inside me into beautiful colours with the help of light! As a person I am just like the moon and all of nature, I am constantly changing and feel free to be whatever I am in each moment. At the same time I love to be part of the natural rhythms and cycles of nature and am very good at adapting to new situations!

My life path has taken me to many exciting places. I have been working in restaurants and in hostels in Ireland and in Scotland, attended art courses in the eco-village Findhorn Foundation and lived in Hawaii working on various organic farms. During four years I lived at Mundekulla retreat centre in Småland, Sweden, and worked as a cook and general house angel! My creativity really developed there and I had several art exhibitions and shared my music on many occasions. At Mundekulla I got introduced to the wisdom of Native American Indians, their social structures, and their ways to view and live on this planet. I experienced sitting in sharing/talking circles and to live in a tribe. Since then I have a passion for getting closer to people and to create circles where we can meet and talk about what we feel and think in the depth of our beings. It is so healing in this fragmented and uncaring world we often live in today to sit in a circle where we all are equals and everyone’s voice is heard!

sharing circle

I have after these experiences been involved in creating women’s circles, and several “Circle Way camps” with the Native American Medical Story and his wife Ellika. I have also led sharing circles at a Goddess festival in Näsåker and on many other occasions.

Right now I am a happy fulltime mother of my beloved two-year-old son, Maui. It’s amazing being so closely involved in bringing up another human!

 As often as I can I spend time in my own room, my Goddess temple, painting, singing, drumming and writing. A lot of colourful inspiration comes to me there from the Goddess, the nature within me, who wants to express herself through my hands, my voice and my drumming. It often carries messages of closeness to nature, hope, joy, power and passion and is usually very colourful!

maui and me

I am passionate about awakening the Goddess within every human being! By that I mean among other things that I want to help and inspire people to act more from their heart’s desire than their ideas. I think that what comes straight from the heart is purer, simpler and more true, and I want to create a more authentic and simpler world where everything is more connected! Not to say thoughts are bad, they are a great tool for manifesting the heart’s desire!

 The Goddess for me is the warm, deep, loving, emotional, intuitive, passionate, reckless, wild and caring qualities, the traditionally feminine. Being in contact with her is to accept all kinds of emotions and enjoy and take care of the fabulous body, our human bodies and her big body, the Earth. It is to honour all life forms and the different stages of life. From the pure and young to the old and wise! To awaken the Goddess also means to get a feeling of the whole and holy and what is sustainable. It is to be in contact with the cycles of nature and to know how my lifestyle affects the earth and all living beings and how I am in return influenced by the forces of nature.

I wish to contribute to all this with my art and music. And I know that such a world is possible for once upon time this was the way all humans lived – in unity and harmony with nature both within and around! Free to enjoy and explore all aspects of life but always aware of the whole! I am passionate about raising the awareness of the long period of time when these qualities ruled the world. The time when the Goddess, the Great Mother, was worshiped as the great creative power.

So far I have contributed by being involved in creating several Women’s Festivals at Mundekulla and a Goddess Week in Stjärnsund.

Since the autumn of 2011 I take part in a Priestess Training in Glastonbury to learn about the magic of Avalon! I hope this will strengthen me even more on my path. I would like to offer ceremonies and other Goddess experiences in the future!